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Surprising Her With a Ring? Here’s How to Find Out Her Ring Size without Her Knowing

by Shelly luthra 18 Jan 2022
Surprising Her With a Ring? Here’s How to Find Out Her Ring Size without Her Knowing

 You’ve found the perfect match, a soul mate to spend your life with. This Valentine's Day, what’s more romantic than popping than proposing to her, telling her that you want to spend the rest of your lives together. For the perfect proposal, you need the perfect ring to dazzle her in that special moment when she says yes. Not all rings are one size fits all— every woman has a different ring size. We, at Ornate Jewels, know that it's hard for a man to figure out her ring size sometimes. We also understand the importance of buying the correct proposal ring that will slide onto her ring finger perfectly. A proposal goes best when it's a super surprise presented by the man towards his forever love. Here are a few ways to secretly find out her ring size to make the perfect proposal.

Borrow one of her rings

As simple as it sounds- sneak into her jewellery drawer and borrow a ring that fits her well. We recommend picking up one of the rings that fits her well but she hasn’t worn in a while. Make sure that you don’t perk up her radar; finding a ring missing might give her an idea of what you’re planning. Also, make sure that the ring you borrow is one that she wears on her dominant hand— the hand that she’ll wear her engagement ring on. The dominant hand is slightly bigger than the latent hand. Take this ring as the best measurement reference when buying her engagement ring. This difference should help you find the best 925 silver jewelry to make her fall in love all over again. So, when you’re picking out silver band rings to put on her finger, make sure it fits snugly when getting it sized. We at Ornate Jewels can help you find the perfect size to select for an amazing candlelight proposal.

Man Proposing WIth Ring

 Have her friends or family help you out

This is a simple solution that also helps to bring the family together, making the proposal all the more special. Talking to the ladies close to her, like her sister or her best friend will help you tons. They might help you choose the perfect pure silver ring. They might even be able to swipe a ring from your (to-be) fiancé's jewellery closet for your reference. Chances are, her loved ones might have previously bought her a ring for a gift. If this is true, then you’re in luck. You can turn to them to ask what size ring they bought and how good of a fit it was. Either way, you can get a pretty good idea of what her ring size is. But confiding your secret to others comes at a little risk. Sometimes, it may happen that her close friends or family members might get a little too excited and spill the beans. This is not a good outcome, as it’ll spoil the surprise. So, make sure that when you go for unique pure silver rings for a standout engagement, that you only confide in people you trust.

Ask Her For Her Size

This might be the most difficult one yet, but can be of huge help. If you can trick her into telling you her ring size, there’s nothing better. No one knows her ring size more accurately. But be careful— don’t let her catch on to the fact that you’re getting her an engagement ring. You can lie by saying you’re gifting your sister, who has a similar ring size.Silver Solitaire Ring


Whichever way you decide to find out her size, don’t forget to take her style choices into consideration. For example, if she likes to dress minimally, a simple sterling band would suit her wardrobe beautifully. A unique ring idea for a valentine's day gift that we recommend is a heart shaped ring. It signifies your devotion to one another. When making a promise, take a look at our promise rings. A past present future ring is also an emotional buy for years of love spent together. Also, it will show her that you will make her feel one in a million, just like her standout engagement rings. A pocket friendly way to go about getting rings is choosing from bespoke pure silver rings for women. For such dazzling rings,

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