How to find your ring size easily at home
Here are a few super helpful tips to find out your ring size at home by yourself. If you still need help or are unable to figure it out pls feel to connect with our helpful friendly customer service through WhatsApp 8600718666
While you try and find your own ring size here are a few things to keep in mind to find the accurate size of the ring 
The most important thing to remember is to place the ring in the exact center this is where customers get confused when buying rings for women online 
Ring size on scale  
Look at the helpful scale underneath. we have tried to explain the difference between centimeter and millimeter so you are sure of your measurements 
Here's Ornatejewels helpful ring size chart that you can refer to when buying rings online 
Ring size chart
Also, we have included a few recommendations for you so you can always get the perfect size for you and your loved ones. Also, check the video link that will help you better 
Pointe to remember when buying rings online
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